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WaveTiles is a two-player co-op puzzle platformer.

Use colored energy Waves to activate the corresponding Tiles and create paths that lead to the end of each level. You are challenged to communicate constantly and advance together while facing danger and hidden traps with the help of magical abilities!


PlaneShift is a single-player puzzle platformer, where the player (Chicho), a paper character needs to alter between dimensions in order to reach the portal and return to the paper plane! Enemies can be seen from afar and occasionally... vanquished.

Signal --

Explore and survive the deep sea using your sonar and by extending the signal range from the research base towards the unexplored! Place transmitters in specific points during your journey and restore your signal strength before it loses its power. And... last but not least, don't forget to avoid obstacles!

Hex Mythica

A very unique take in the Web3 industry, introducing Hex Mythica, a MMO Roguelite game. Get inside the Maelstrom Tower, collect rewards lost in time and space and triumph through the leaderboards of the procedural generated turn-based combat dungeon!

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